Isocal 425gm Isocal Powder 425gm
Isocal 425gm

Isocal Powder 425gm

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Product Highlights:

  • A nutritional formula packed with all five major food groups
  • Suitable for both enteral tube and oral supplementation
  • An isotonic formula featuring no sugar and no sucrose makes it ideal for diarrhea patients
  • Contains extra ultra-trace minerals, such as chromium, molybdenum, and selenium
  • Its bland taste is appropriate for people with altered taste perceptions
  • It is fortified with a fat blend that is both easily digested and readily absorbed

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Isocal 425 gms is a nutritionally complete diet formula designed for both tube and oral feeding methods. The lactose-free and gluten-free isotonic formula promotes gastrointestinal tolerance and is perfect for patients with diarrhea. Featuring a low-sodium, low residue milk formula with moderate levels of high-quality protein, it supplies you with 100% of your daily intake of protein, vitamins, and minerals. 20 percent of its calories are medium-chain triglycerides and soybean oil, which makes it easy to digest. It is sucrose-free and has an unflavored taste and hence, is suitable for people with altered taste perceptions.

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